The use of SharePoint in public environments

The use of SharePoint in public environments

In public institutions, such as secretaries and other governmental entities, it is commonplace to use numerous technology tools in order to meet the specifications of each business, meanwhile in private environments these tools are more generalists. But with the high speed of technology growth nowadays, how to supply this challenge?

In private enterprise environments, the need of having a limited number of IT tools is common to meet specific scenarios. For example, in retail, a private-sector company that sells clothing in general has similar characteristics similar to those of its competitors (not to mention the same) using a limited scope of processes and tools. What changes are the parameters and the ability to invest in smarter tools on the market, compared to its competitors. In detail, the BI strategy (Intelligent Business, or simply Business Intelligence, an area that is fundamental for analyzing information and supplying the needs of performing strategic actions in the company), where some companies have indicators that present more information and, with a little more investment their executives track sales online. Most likely, in a competitor with lower investment capacity, the same information is analyzed every fortnight, but in fact use similar processes and tools.

In public institutions, however, where the strategy of their departments varies, and it is necessary to meet the diversities of existing processes which are based on specific laws and decrees, how to find a technological solution to supply such processes? Exemplifying a real scenario, in some public institutions there is a concept of to pay extra salaries for employees who are covering absence of colleagues due to the extra responsibility. Which HR system has this type of specific calculation for such routine, covering these specifications, which is described in laws and detailed in the internal regulations?

Using tools that aim to support dynamic processes, in an agile and simple way, will be an important point to propose solutions. Another key element of this strategy will be having a team capable to assist and assemble the solution with these tools. Microsoft's SharePoint solution has been serving a variety of public and private sectors. According to the definition:

“SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Launched in 2001, SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable and usage varies substantially among organizations.”

Supported by the expertise of a competent team, Microsoft solutions can help extend the ability to develop more embracing and dynamic tools. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET allows the customization of forms with the most modern available on the market, such as Node.js among other iteration solutions with the user.

We return to the problem exemplified above, about attending a specific calculation of a server that performed a function of another server who is away, called gratuity. By integrating the SharePoint solution, SQL Server and creating some connections with .NET development, it may simplify iterations with the user, in order to validate input parameters of the calculation, so the solution will be integrated with all other tools, including AD Windows, privileges and information management, without the need of requesting a major development by a software company, or seeking for a great customization in the specific HR system.

The development and parameterization of a framework that has modern scalability and portability features, proposed by Microsoft SharePoint, enables the integration of processes and the updating of them, according to the advances of technology. As an example, there are the modern smartphone applications (APP), which have a great integration with other tools such as Facebook and further environments Cloud tools.

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